Composting for EVERYONE in 3 Simple Steps

Since I spoke with Osheta Moore about composting on the Shalom in the City podcast, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from both readers & people in my real life about how they are intimidated by many environmental practices, especially composting. So today, I want to provide you with a QUICK and EASY guide to starting your own compost. Pick a spot This can be anywhere you’d like on your property (if you live in […]

Hear Me Roar!

My wonderful, gracious readers, I have not been writing as much as I had hoped as of late. Life has gotten in the way and I chose to prioritize my free time caring for myself and doing all the paperwork and house work that goes along with selling and buying a new house in Indianapolis! I have not forgotten about the blog and there is more content coming really soon! While you wait, if you […]

Just One Thing

Making a change can be overwhelming and scary. Many people are held back by intimidation, fear, worry, and fatigue. With Earth Day fast approaching, I wanted to take some time to provide you with some useful tips for making JUST ONE change that can have a positive impact on our precious planet. You have to start somewhere, so let’s start with choosing just one thing to do to preserve and protect our natural resources. Get […]

Tear-Stained Cloth Diapaers

I joyously proclaim myself to be someone who cares deeply about the environment. I will enthusiastically share more about what I do on a daily basis to make intentional choices to preserve the environment for a whole lot longer than you would want to hear about it. I am proud of where I am right now living intentionally and I am continuing to strive to do more, to do better, to push myself a little […]

Intimidating Environmentalism

My first step into intentional living came through a desire to be a better steward of the environment. My passion for making intentional life choices started here, and caring for the environment remains a subject central to my identity and close to my heart. I come from a family who does care for the environment, and we did many of the main-stream, conventional things Americans so. We recycled, we gardened, we bought many things used […]

Burnt Pancakes

Let me paint you a word picture of one of my worst moments, and one of my husband’s best moments… A while back I was working hard at a job that was literally not paying off. I had spent all morning on the phone arguing with the insurance company because they refused to cover some necessary medical care, and then I was gone for several hours working hard to help other people solve their problems. […]

Three is Hard. Hugs Help.

I got caught in the middle of a toddler tantrum today. It started when I picked up my sweet three year old from the babysitter’s house and it continued all the way home. Sobbing. Face wet with tears. Screaming at me from the car seat behind me. I did what I’m supposed to do, but don’t always have the calm to do: I acknowledged those big three year old feelings. I held up a mirror […]

Showing Up

Welcome to Steps of Intent! I am truly glad you are here. Steps of Intent is a haven for intentional living with a focus on personal growth, living our truth, and bearing witness to the beauty around us. From introspection, to our interpersonal relationships, to parenting, to being community members and creative citizens of this planet, we can choose to move in a free-fall of continuing momentum, or we can choose to take charge and intentionally live […]